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Are you an IP professional that can benefit from a better understanding of US and European IP law? Join us for one of three 8 day Summer School courses offered by the Da Vinci School of Intellectual Property in Switzerland! Visit to WIPO and European and Swiss patent offices included. Networking opportunities and a certificate offered for satisfactory completion. Contact us for more information now!
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Copyrights (10)
Domain Disputes (35)
International Intellectual Property (9)
Litigation Specialists (19)
Patents (11)
Biotech & Medical (2)
Business Process (2)
Electronics & Computer (4)
Internet Patents (3)
Mechanical (4)
Patent/Model Design (3)
Plants (2)
Technology & Engineering (35)
Technology Licensing (7)
Trade Dress (6)
Trade Secrets (9)
Trademarks (11)

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