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Sponsored by Da Vinci Partners, a Europe-based international patent firm, Great Wall IP is about providing information and resources of interest to patent-minded European or US-based companies who are, who hope to, or who feel compelled to protect their intellectual properties in China. Whether the reader's goal is to keep up-to-date with China-oriented IP information, or to find experienced China patent or trademark counsel, Great Wall IP strives to be your focused and comprehensive resource.
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The rapid growth of Chinese Industry is unparalleled in world history. China has surpassed Germany in terms of exports. This makes China No. 1 in terms of exports and in export growth. Besides exports, the economy of China is the third largest in the world when measured by nominal Gross Domestic Product. » read more
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Zhiping LIU
Zhiping LIU
Mr. LIU is an experienced patent attorney with a focus on el...
verified profile (more info)
Zhiping LIU specializes in Drafting patent application documents, patent reexamination, patent invalidation and patent validity litigation.. Languages include Chinese (fluent), English (fluent). Has more than 10 years years of experience.
Tengyun HE
Tengyun HE
Mr. HE is a highly qualified, experienced, client-oriented p...
verified profile (more info)
Tengyun HE specializes in High precision mechanical devices and electro-mechanical systems.. Languages include Chinese (fluent), Chinese (fluent), English (fluent), Japanese (fluent). Has more than 10 years years of experience.
Jeff YAO
Jeff YAO
Mr. Yao understands how IP impacts business in China.
verified profile (more info)
Jeff YAO specializes in Commercial litigation and arbitration, corporate matters touching upon Intellectual Property. Languages include English (fluent), Chinese (fluent), Mandarin (fluent). Has more than 10 years years of experience.
Enoch Liang is a US lawyer and China specialist
verified profile (more info)
Enoch LIANG specializes in Chinese Intellectual Property Strategy and related business issues. Languages include English (fluent), Chinese (conversational). Has 3 - 5 years years of experience.


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China Science Patent Trademark Agents Ltd
verified profile (more info)
China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Limited (CSPTAL) is a leading intellectual property law firm in China. The firm focuses its practice solely on Intellectual Property Law, including patent, trade...
size: 100 or more attorneys
China Sinda Intellectual Property Limited
China Sinda Intellectual Property Limited B11th Floor, F...
China Sinda Intellectual Property Limited
China Sinda is a well established Chinese IP firm of a size to rival any boutique IP firm in the US. Located only meters away from the Chinese Patent Office in Beijing, the firm can file patent appli...
size: 100 or more attorneys
Shaan Xi Hong Zhen Law Firm
Floor 8, Real Estate Exchange Building, No. 116 West Street...
Shaan Xi Hong Zhen Law Firm
verified profile (more info)
Our History: The firm was established in year 1997. The director, the chief executive senior partner of the company Mr. Hong Wang, has been conferred with the title of Top-ten Lawyers of Xi'an City an...
size: 1 - 10 attorneys
Lovells International Law Firm
Level 2, Office Tower C2, The Towers, Oriental Plaza, No. ...
Lovells International Law Firm
verified profile (more info)
Founded prior to 1900, and “with over three thousand people operating from 26 offices in Europe, Asia and the United States, Lovells is one of a small number of truly international law firms and one o...
size: 100 or more attorneys
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